Recycle Your Homework - How It Works
Recycle Your Homework is a web site created to make the homework process a little less painful by allowing students to have homework questions answered by answering other student's questions quickly, easily, anonymously, and for free.

The Process

1. Enter your information
       • Enter your email - this is where your answer is sent
       • Enter the subject of your question - this is to match your question to an answerer
       • Enter a subject you do well in - this is to match you to a question
2. Answer a question
       • You will be given another student's question to answer
       • The questions are matched with your info to make them as easy as possible
       • If you do not know the answer to a question, try another
       • Take as many tries as you would like, just make sure you know the right answer
3. Ask your question
       • Enter your question - just keep it under 500 characters
4. Receive your answer
       • Check your email - it won't take long!
       • While you are waiting, consider visiting our Answer for Cancer page

Why Use Recycle Your Homework?

Anyone can use Recycle Your Homework
Absolutely anyone can use Recycle Your Homework. All you need is an email address. It doesn't matter what grade you are in or how well you do in school. All questions are matched with student's preferred subjects. If a question is too hard - try another until you find one you can answer.

It's simple
Recycle Your Homework uses a 4 step process: enter your information, answer a question, ask a question, and receive an answer. It's that simple.

It's anonymous
All of your information is kept private. See our privacy policy for more info.

It's safe
All questions and answers are filtered to insure that they do not contain spam or excessive profanity. If something slips through, a user is able to immediately report the problem with a single click and quickly move on.

It's free
No membership is required, and students are not charged to use the web site.

Answer for Cancer

Some people may wonder, how do student's questions get answered completely by other students? Won't there be questions that no one can answer? Answer for Cancer is the solution. Answer for Cancer is a section of Recycle Your Homework that allows anyone to answer student's questions. All of the money generated from the banner advertisements in this section will be donated to several charities. Visit the Answer for Cancer page for more information.